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Our Business Relationships Are Why Our Advertising Strategies and Techniques Help Bring Our Customers to the Top

We will help you create unforgettable advertising and marketing campaigns.

Primary Wave Media has been licensing great toll-free vanity phone numbers for five years. In that time, our numbers have helped create long-term advertising techniques and brand equity for companies across the United States, from fortune 50s to start-ups.

Primary Wave’s in depth understanding of types of advertising strategies, extensive network of tools, experience, contacts and knowledgeable professionals assures you that you will receive first-class treatment during and after selecting one of our vanity phone numbers. Our company does much more than offer you a great marketing and advertising technique.We will guide you through the whole advertising process, learning about your unique business and target audience so that we can help you find the perfect number. You can get started right now by browsing our directory of numbers. Click here to search our toll-free vanity number directory.

We Offer Years of Experience with Different Types of Advertising Strategies

Our management team has all had hands-on entrepreneurial experience in building and developing their own successful advertising strategies and techniques for their local businesses. As such we are familiar with the all-too-common question that plagues most business owners: “How do we set ourselves apart.” We believe passionately in the return on investment that a great toll-free vanity number can bring to a marketing plan.

Primary Wave Media is home to such brands as 1-800-CABLE-TV, 1-800-QUALITY and 1-800-SWITCH ME. Our clients have included Time Warner Cable, Mediacom Communications, QualitySmith and Exclusive Resorts. To name a highly visible branding example, AT&T Wireless enjoyed tremendous success in attracting new subscribers by featuring Primary Wave’s 1-800-SWITCH-ME number in its national, multi-media advertising campaign.

Our standards and our commitment to our clients remain constant regardless of company size. Just ask one of our 750+ clients!