Shared Use Vanity Numbers

What is Shared Usage?

Shared Usage means that you exclusively license the vanity number only in the area where you do business, meaning that calls are routed based on the geographic location of the caller. Our vanity numbers are also exclusive and licensed on a first come first serve basis.

For example, an injury lawyer based in Los Angeles can license the number 1-800-HURT-NOW just for the LA market; a home care provider based in Pennsylvania can license the number 1-800-HOMECARE just for the state of PA; and a pet groomer based in Seattle can license the number 1-800-PET-GROOM just for the Seattle market. By only taking the number for your market area you reduce the cost and hassle of nonessential calls. The majority of our numbers are licensed by area code, so you only need to take the number for the area codes where you do business.

Our Shared Usage plans start at as little as $39/month and vary based on availability, type of number and the requested areas. All of our vanity numbers include real time on-line call tracking and call reporting for you to monitor all your calls, plus advanced Telesmart Call Routing™, which enables us to custom route calls to as many locations as your operation requires.

For more information on Shared Usage or securing the perfect vanity toll free number for your business, call us on 1-877-TOLL-FREE, or search through our database to view the thousands of numbers that we have available for license today!