Lead Generation

Primary Wave Media are the leaders in vanity number marketing. Vanity numbers are much more than just a telephone number and have huge brand and lead generation potential. With many of our vanity numbers we have built substantial marketing packages around them which allow us to generate leads for our clients. The best examples of such packages are 1-800-HOMECARE, 1-800-HOSPICE and 1-800-PET-INSURANCE.

1-800-HOMECARE™ and 1-800-HOSPICE™ have become two of the most successful marketing tools in the healthcare industry and are now being used in over 80% of the country. We offer home care and hospice providers enhanced marketing solutions that are much more than just a vanity toll free number. The 1-800-HOMECARE™ and 1-800-HOSPICE™ programs provide our licensees with an easy solution for online marketing, social network integration, mobile marketing and overall branding. All of these dynamic marketing tools are designed to generate leads and new business for our clients.

1-800-PET-INSURANCE’s mission is to make choosing the perfect pet insurance easy and affordable by providing clients with detailed information on pet insurance companies, plans, pricing and why buying pet insurance could be right for you and your best friend. To put it simply, it is the leading pet insurance comparison website. Please note that 1800petinsurance.com is not owned or controlled by any pet insurance company, we are a pet insurance comparison and review website designed to provide pet owners with the information they need to make their own decisions regarding pet insurance. We have realized the power that a vanity number can have in the pet insurance world, just like 1-800-FLOWERS has in the flower world.