Our Promise

Successful marketers have a sixth sense about the marketplace that allows them to identify who their customers are and know how to reach them effectively.

Vital traits of a successful marketer

  • Creates a solid, long-term marketing and advertising plan
  • Uses strategic tools from all media
  • Selects the right combination of tools to reach a specific client—from print advertising, direct mail, radio, TV or the Internet
  • Generates a campaign whose success is measurable—by increased site traffic and more calls to a toll-free vanity number.

Perhaps the most important trait of a successful marketer is the ability to anticipate a customer’s needs. To that end, we at Primary Wave promise that your experience with us will be the very best it can be. And if for any reason, something’s not working for you, we vow to fix it.

Our Promise at Primary Wave is to Give Our Clients the Highest Level of Customer Satisfaction

We pledge:

  • To offer your company or client the best toll-free vanity phone numbers across all industries
  • To provide the most numbers to choose from at the most affordable rate in the industry
  • To assess your marketing and advertising goals and help make them a reality
  • To offer you more than just a vanity number. When you sign a contract with Primary Wave you also get real-time call reporting, exclusive deals with our media partners and the knowledge that you are in good hands
  • To give you quality service and care throughout your association with Primary Wave
  • To give you the benefit of our staff’s years of successful marketing and advertising experience

But if that’s not enough proof, we also provide 24/7 real-time call reporting, exclusive deals with our media partners and live customer-service.

Once you become a client of Primary Wave Media, you’ll see the difference because of our customer service and our successful marketing and advertising. You’ll see more calls, more leads, more sales and a more powerful brand overall.

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Toll-Free Vanity Number From Primary Wave Media