Primary Wave Media Launches National Marketing Initiatives for 1-800-HOMECARE™ & 1-800-HOSPICE™

(Pleasantville NY) – Recognizing the needs of the fast growing, multibillion dollar homecare and hospice industries, Primary Wave has developed turnkey marketing initiatives for health care providers, including the September 1st launch of a six month national online campaign on websites including Gilbert Guide and, plus customizable print ad and television spots for participating providers.

“1-800-HOMECARE™ and 1-800-HOSPICE™ are now the largest independent provider networks in the country and we are pleased to support the brands with our first national marketing initiative,” said Gregg Hamerschlag, President and CEO.  “It is our goal for consumers to think of 1-800-HOMECARE™ and 1-800-HOSPICE™ first when the need arises for these vital services, with the calls routed directly to our network members.”

A leading provider of customizable marketing packages anchored by vanity phone numbers and related websites, Primary Wave offers health service providers the exclusive use of the 1-800-HOMECARE™ or the 1-800-HOSPICE™ numbers by area code, territory or DMA.  The phone numbers are the first source consumers turn to for vital information about home health care services and drive referrals directly to participating providers.  The campaign is now supported by a national advertising campaign and customizable marketing materials for local use.

“Since we starting working with 1-800-HOMECARE™, we have seen a significant increase in our call volume, resulting in a significant number of new cases,” said Rohit Gandhi, CEO of Experts Home Health Care in Detroit, MI. Launched in 2003, 1-800-HOMECARE™ covers over 60% of the country.

Launched in February 2009, 1-800-HOSPICE™ offers the same branding and marketing tools to hospice providers.  Hospice care, a humane and compassionate alternative to hospitalization,  has grown exponentially over the past several years with over 100 times as many facilities in 2008 as there were in 1984 (source: Hospice Association of America).