Primary Wave Media launches 1-800-HOSPICE

February 10, 2008- NEW YORK, NY – Primary Wave Media, one of the nations leading providers of vanity phone numbers and marketing services, today announced the creation of its new 1-800-HOSPICE marketing program.  Primary Wave Media recognizes the hospice care market has become very competitive and these companies are seeking new branding opportunities.  Primary Wave’s 1-800-HOSPICE marketing package provides individual hospices with exclusive use of number, by territory, custom call routing and call reporting, media buying opportunities and advertising and marketing assistance.

Primary Wave Media introduced 1-800-HOMECARE to the home health care marketplace in 2003 and it is now successfully being used in over 800 cities throughout 37 states.  The number, 1-800-HOMECARE has become one of the nation’s leading sources for consumers searching for vital information regarding home health care services and the companies using the vanity phone number have seen a 30% or better increase in call volume.

Mike Ferris, the Director of Marketing and Sales and Customer Service for Simone Consulting, which is the largest most respected consulting firm in the country for homecare and hospice care is really excited about this new marketing tool, 1-800-HOSPICE.  “Companies benefit from branding themselves differently, and 1-800-HOSPICE fits right in,” he said.

Beacon Hospice of New England is one of the companies that have acquired the 1-800-HOSPICE number for six New England states.

“The importance of people being able to dial 1-800-HOSPICE to have questions answered, or request an evaluation for a patient is critical,” said Betty Brennan, CEO of Beacon Hospice, Inc.   “We are committed to making an inquiry about hospice easy and effortless, and 1-800-HOSPICE is a great tool to access hospice care as quickly as possible,” she added.

“Primary Wave Media understands the value of marketing a brand, said Gregg Hamerschlag, President/CEO of Primary Wave Media, 1-800- HOSPICE provides these companies with an effective and unique way to break out of that traditional mold of marketing.  We expect this valuable service to be as successful and useful as 1-800- HOMECARE,” he added.

About Primary Wave Media

Founded in 2003, Primary Wave Media is an integrated marketing and media company concentrating on the development and distribution of industry defining IP that is licensed to companies for exclusive use in each geographic DMA.  For further information on Primary Wave Media and toll-free numbers available, please visit