Marketing Mojo: New Tools Help Businesses Better Identify & Connect with Prospects, Customers

Primary Wave Media is another company powering mobile push messaging efforts. Its solution, called Intelligent Number, marries IVR with short code text messaging, and expands on the company’s traditional business of vanity business phone numbers.

Intelligent Number, explains Gregg Hamerschlag, CEO of Primary Wave Media, takes the vanity number and makes it relevant again. It does that by enabling both mobile and wireline customers to call into an 800 number and get coupons, request links be sent to their phones, and opt in to other company notices and opportunities. The service involves an up-front fee for the toll-free phone number and a package including 500 text messages, and the ability to buy additional text messages individually for 3 cents each or in bulk.

In addition to the digital marketing companies that use Intelligent Number to create solutions for their clients, Primary Wave Media is building its own brands based on Intelligent Number, Hamerschlag says. That includes 1-877-APPLIANCE, 1-800-NESTEGG, 1-855-NFL-MOBILE,, 1-800-QUALITY, 1-855-ROMNEY-12 and 1-800-Wireless.

“By leveraging an Intelligent Number with existing voice services, organizations are able to provide prospective and potential customers with multiple options to ‘hand raise’ and receive customized marketing messages,” says Hamerschlag. “The information is delivered directly to customers’ handheld device via SMS, MMS, web or voicemail while the brand is able to seamlessly build a database of potential customers.”