Intercept Networks Launches the Intelligent Number in Beta

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Intercept Networks Launches the Intelligent Number™ in Beta
Proprietary SMS Short Code Messaging Platform Combined with Interactive Voice Response Technology Creates 360-Degree Direct-to-Consumer, Mobile Marketing Communications and Database Management Tool

New York, NY – May 9, 2011 – Intercept Networks, a joint venture between Primary Wave Media and TeleSmart Networks, announced today the beta launch of the Intelligent Number™. Intercept Networks has built a voice2sms marketing platform for toll-free telephone numbers through the combination of dynamic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology and a proprietary SMS short code messaging platform, creating a single, mobile entry point for marketers to deliver multi-platform content to a highly engaged and receptive consumer. 

Intelligent Numbers present incoming callers with a customizable interactive voice options menu that allows callers to voluntarily “opt-in” to receive SMS short code messages. Messages that are delivered to the caller’s handheld device via SMS, MMS, web or voicemail, are received before the call has ended and can include a brand’s web page, coupon or mobile app, the opportunity to enter a promotion code or be added to a company mailing list for special offers or product updates.

Menu options are completely customizable around a company’s current marketing program and are managed through an intuitive, personal SMS software management dashboard. The automated voice menu can be presented during the call-routing process, while the caller is on hold or serve as the only function of the toll-free number. Each message presents participants with the option to “opt-out” at anytime by replying with the word “STOP.”

Intelligent Numbers have the ability to recognize calls made from landlines at which time callers are greeted with an alternative voice menu prompting the caller to provide a mobile 10-digit telephone number to receive preferred communication to their mobile device. An Intelligent Number is accessible from any mobile telephone device and service provider.

Benefits of Using an Intelligent Number

  • An Intelligent Number from Intercept Networks can be added seamlessly to existing toll-free telephone marketing platforms, avoiding the need for consumers to adopt foreign dialing practices or download new technologies.
  • With the ability to be leveraged in both online and offline advertising and marketing programs targeting an upwardly mobile audience, Intelligent Numbers provide a single, mobile entry point for both consumers and brands to communicate. 
  • Intelligent Numbers allow brands to build a mobile database of highly receptive existing and potential customers and provide marketers with the ability to distribute personalized messages through a mobile channel with a 95% read rate.
  • By providing target customers with the option to receive individualized mobile messages, brands are able to build trust while continuing an ongoing, direct dialogue with a highly motivated and approachable audience.
  • Call routing and hold time is maximized while mobile databases are built organically and non-invasively.

“The combination of voice2sms technology with a toll-free, vanity telephone number completes a 360-degree communications circle between the brand and the consumer,” said Gregg Hamerschlag, CEO of Primary Wave Media. “We’ve seen firsthand how well consumers retain and react to toll-free, telephone numbers, establishing a direct-to-consumer connection for the brand. By pairing these numbers with the technology to continue the authentic consumer dialogue, brands are now afforded a channel to interact directly with their most engaged and loyal customers.”

During its beta phase, only toll-free telephone numbers licensed by Primary Wave Media will offer voice2sms technology to power Primary Wave’s Intelligent Numbers. Following a successful testing phase, Intercept Networks will bring the technology to market during Q2 2011, making the platform available to all domestic toll-free telephone numbers.

About Intercept Networks
Intercept Networks was launched in 2011 as a joint venture between Primary Wave Media and TeleSmart Networks, established to develop telecommunication and mobile marketing technologies for use in conjunction with current voice platforms and marketing campaigns. For more information visit: or