Billboard Connection and Primary Wave Media's Joint Venture

Primary Wave Media to Offer Billboard Connection Clients Easy-to-Remember Vanity 800 Phone Numbers

Toll-Free Numbers Will be Featured on a Variety of Outdoor Advertising Venues

July 13, 2010, New York, NY – Primary Wave Media, one of the nation’s leading providers of toll-free vanity number marketing programs, today announced a joint venture with Billboard Connection, experts in developing and executing outdoor advertising campaigns for companies nationwide. 

Under the terms of the agreement, Primary Wave Media will offer Billboard Connection’s clients its easy-to-remember, toll-free vanity phone numbers such as 1-800-CABLE-TV, 1-800-HOME-CARE, 1-800-WIRELESS, 1-800-HURT-NOW and 1-877-NEW-FORD.  Companies who license the vanity numbers will be able to feature them in a variety of out-of-home advertising platforms offered by Billboard Connection, including permanent and mobile billboards, transit shelters, buses, taxi tops, mall kiosks and airport advertising.  The joint venture provides Billboard Connection’s more than 40 agencies across the country with a value-added service that will significantly increase the effectiveness of a client’s advertising and marketing campaign. 

In addition, Primary Wave’s 1,000+  vanity phone number licensees will have the opportunity to utilize Billboard Connection’s specialized services, tapping into a wide range of out-of-home media that will help them target and reach new customers.

“We help companies generate sales and build their brands through distinctive vanity phone numbers that serve as a centerpiece of a marketing campaign,” said Gregg Hamerschlag, CEO of Primary Wave Media.  “Our partnership with Billboard Connection, a recognized leader in the out-of-home advertising space, will allow us to offer our services to small or large companies seeking that extra edge in today’s competitive marketplace.” 

“We are committed to helping our clients reach their customers and propel their businesses,” said Tom Flood, Vice President of Billboard Connection.  “Primary Wave’s unrivaled selection of unforgettable vanity phone numbers have been shown to drastically increase call volume and response rates to advertising campaigns.  Combined with our  innovative advertising solutions, Primary Wave’s phone numbers will result in higher consumer recall and brand awareness in the most cost-effective way.  This is a win-win for everyone.”

Through Primary Wave Media’s innovative and state-of-the-art optimization tools, companies can access daily call-tracking reports and obtain feedback on the outcome of every call.  This allows management to ensure that messages are being recorded accurately and that all leads are followed up properly and proactively.

About Billboard Connection
Billboard Connection is an advertising agency specializing in just out-of-home & nontraditional media.  With over 40 agencies in the US as well as offices in Canada, Australia and the UK, Billboard Connection offers turnkey advertising solutions to advertisers who want to tap into the wide array of outdoor advertising options through one single source.  Our specialists cut through the clutter to ensure that our clients are utilizing the best outdoor advertising options to reach their target audience. Billboard Connection services include campaign design, creative, production, media consulting, planning, buying and proof of performance assessments. For additional information please visit

About Primary Wave Media
Primary Wave Media is a media and branding company that is one of the nation’s leading providers of toll-free vanity number marketing programs.  The company licenses a wide range of shared-use 800 numbers, including 1-800-CABLE-TV, 1-800-HOME-CARE, 1-800-HURT-NOW, 1-800-NEST-EGG and 1-877-NEW-FORD, among many others.  Primary Wave Media’s innovative and state-of-the-art optimization tools increase the effectiveness of online and offline marketing campaigns for both small and large companies.  For further information about Primary Wave Media, please visit

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