Angry at AIG Bonuses: Call 1-800-BAIL-OUT To Tell Your Story

NEW YORK, NY, March 18, 2009- Primary Wave Media, one of the nations leading providers of vanity phone numbers and phone marketing services for corporate America, has partnered with the mobile/entertainment/technology company TalkingSocial, to launch 1-800-BAIL-OUT and This partnership offers Americans a new forum to share their opinions and “rant” about how the historic financial crisis is affecting them and their communities.

“Americans are fed up with the bail out situation and want to tell their story; 1-800-BAILOUT allows them to do just that in their own voice. Much richer and more authentic than email, blogs or letters, we allow people’s real emotions to come through and be shared with all those who want to listen, states Gregg Hamerschlag, President/CEO of Primary Wave Media.

A groundbreaking phone/web platform, 1-800-BAIL-OUT gives every American a voice and guarantees their opinions will be heard.  People call 1-800-BAIL-OUT and are prompted to speak and share anything on their mind about the financial crisis in America. Their “rant” is instantly recorded, digitized and uploaded to, where the world can listen to it, comment on it and share it-giving every American the chance to be heard in the texture, tone, authenticity and emotion of their own voice.

“While our core business is providing toll-free vanity numbers marketing programs, such as 1-800-CABLE-TV to businesses to help drive their growth,” says Hamerschlag, “1-800-BAIL-OUT and, gives us a chance to give Americans a platform to be heard during these difficult times.”

“In Primary Wave Media we found the ultimate partner to roll out this national platform,” says Marian Stier, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of TalkingSocial. “Primary Wave understands the power of voice, has a strong background in consumer-direct marketing, and has extensive industry contacts.  It is the one company that surpasses our criteria and we are excited to join forces with this outstanding industry leader.”

About Primary Wave Media

Founded in 2003, Primary Wave Media is an integrated marketing and media company concentrating on the development and distribution of industry defining IP that is licensed to companies for exclusive use in each geographic DMA.  For further information on Primary Wave Media or for a listing of other great industry-defining toll-free numbers available, please visit

About TalkingSocial

A Voice Content Management System™ for Social Media

TalkingSocial is a leader in applied mobile/Web 2.0 technologies for enhanced consumer engagement in the entertainment and advertising industries.  The company’s proprietary Voice Content Management System™ (VCMS) powers three white label applications that help businesses generate incremental advertising revenue and build deeper customer engagement: (i) RadioRants™ (ii) Blurts™-  A partner-integrated application that allows publishers to enhance their existing user-generated written reviews with spoken reviews, (iii) VoicePortraits™- an audio-scrapbooking™ application that gives publishers the ability to let users capture, save and share the audio memories, oral histories and spoken stories of their lives as easily as they do with pictures, videos, and text.