1-800-DAILY-DEAL, LLC May be the Next $3 Billion IPO

On the Heels of Groupon, LivingSocial and BuyWithMe’s Tremendous Success, 1-800-DAILY-DEAL Enters the Group Buying Market as the First Location-Based Vanity Number

NEW YORK, June 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Primary Wave Media, the nation’s leading provider of branded vanity telephone number marketing services, announced today the beta launch of 1-800-DAILY-DEAL, a location-based Intelligent Number(SM) able to offer callers local deals based on their exact location whenever and wherever they are via SMS text messaging. This announcement follows a history of success for the company. After launching 1800CableTV.com in 2003, Primary Wave successfully established and marketed the brand as one of the leading customer creation portals in the cable industry through licensing programs in major U.S. markets. In February, the intellectual property and existing business were acquired by Saveology.com, a leading comparison shopping destination.

As locally-focused group buying platforms and flash sale sites have changed the way retailers and consumers interact with one another, 1-800-DAILY-DEAL offers an increasingly upward and mobile consumer the ability to connect with local businesses and retailers at their convenience and in the market most relevant to them at that point and time. Empowered consumers better self identify money-saving deals on their own terms and at their convenience, which leads to better exposure and more returns for brands and merchants.

Equipped with Intelligent Number’s Voice2SMS technology, and upcoming GPS capabilities, 1-800-DAILY-DEAL presents customizable interactive voice options that allow callers to voluntarily “opt-in” to receive SMS short code messages of local sales and promotions based on their current location. 1-800-DAILY-DEAL delivers messages to the caller’s handheld device via SMS, MMS or web.

“Considering the popularity of vanity telephone numbers and the countless industries and corporations that have been born around them, the natural evolution of the group buying industry is to now include voice and SMS capabilities through an industry defining platinum phone number,” said Gregg Hamerschlag CEO of Primary Wave Media. “The marketplace has an appetite for this technology, as proven by the fact that we are already being approached by potential partners even during our beta phase. 1-800-DAILY-DEAL will give consumers a new, but extremely familiar, entry point to receive great savings right in their market.”

When a user calls 1-800-DAILY-DEAL, a proprietary location intelligence system will determine where the call is coming from and whether it is placed on a landline or mobile device. From there, the caller is offered an opt-in discount or purchase deal at a participating business within close proximity to his or her exact location. Users who accept to receive deal offers are entered into a CRM database to receive ongoing deals and promotions, a value add for brands and marketers using the platform.

Other services realize the significance of mobile, geo-targeted marketing campaigns. Recently, LivingSocial began running mobile video and voice-over ads within Pandora’s mobile app in order to offer consumers daily deals by real time location.

About Primary Wave Media

Primary Wave Media is a leading integrated marketing, licensing and media company that develops industry-defining, IP-based branding assets and campaigns designed for B2C companies in highly competitive, high-growth industry segments. Primary Wave Media provides unique, custom business-building marketing solutions, through the use of vanity phone numbers, to increase customer engagement and brand recognition on both a national and regional level for new and established brands. As one of the nation’s leading providers of toll-free vanity number marketing programs, Primary Wave Media licenses a wide range of shared-use 800 numbers, including 1-800-CABLE-TV, 1-800-HOME-CARE, 1-800-HURT-NOW, 1-877-WINDOWS and 1-800-WIRELESS, among others. For further information about Primary Wave Media, please visit www.primarywavemedia.com.

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