1-800-CABLE-TV Initiates/Begins Advertising Campaign

October 31, 2008, New York, NY – Primary Wave Media, LLC, announced today that it will run regional print and radio ads to promote cable services through its 1-800-CABLE-TV phone number and www.1800cabletv.com web site. The goal of the campaign, which launches immediately, is to make consumers aware that 1-800-CABLE-TV can be the one and only number needed to order or upgrade cable services from anywhere in the country. “The campaign is designed to enhance our previously announced ‘movers’ program, drive callers to our licensees from outside their territories, and improve our own lead generation results,” said Gregg Hamerschlag, President/CEO of Primary Wave Media.

Cable operators can now own the exclusive right to market, advertise and receive direct calls from 1-800-CABLE-TV within their own geographic market, which also allows them to obtain new customers  moving from one market to another.

1-800-CABLE-TV currently receives tens of thousands of calls each month from consumers inside and out of licensed territories and is growing in popularity. Toll-free vanity numbers such as 1-800-CABLE-TV have resulted in up to 14 times more calls than numeric numbers when advertised, according to industry sources. Technology now allows Primary Wave Media to license the number exclusively by geographic region and have each call routed automatically to the licensee’s call center closest to the caller. The Movers Program is further supported by the fact that 1-800-CABLE-TV is now being promoted outside licensed territories and consumer awareness of the number is growing.

For further information on licensing arrangements for 1-800-CABLE-TV as well as available territories and rates, contact Paul Faust, Vice President of Marketing, at 914-747-2562 x221 or e-mail: paul@primarywave.com

To schedule an interview with Gregg Hamerschlag, President/CEO, please call 914-747-2562 x222 or e-mail: rick@primarywave.com

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Founded in 2003, Primary Wave Media is an integrated marketing and media company concentrating on the development and distribution of industry-defining IP that is licensed to companies for exclusive use in each geographic DMA and lead generation in specific industry verticals.