Affiliate Program

Increase your product offering and client reach with a Vanity Toll Free Number Widget

Toll-free vanity numbers have proven to increase the response rate of any type of advertising across all forms of media. They have become a necessity for any serious business in today’s highly competitive market place. Companies from the Fortune 100 (Time Warner, Bank of America, Mediacom, etc) to smaller local and regional businesses have relied on Primary Wave Media to provide them with industry defining numbers they need to succeed.

A toll free vanity number simply is a versatile marketing tool and Primary Wave Media offers you the opportunity for you to provide this tool to your clients!

Gain a consistent monthly revenue stream with minimal effort!

  • Simply post our Vanity Number Widget on your website.
  • For every client that licenses a vanity number via the widget you will receive 15% of the licensee fee every month for the life of the agreement. All you have to do is post the widget on your website and we take care of the rest (contracts, routing, billing, client questions etc.)!
  • Based on our typical license deals, bringing in just 2 deals per month could earn you upwards of $100,000 over 2 years!

If you are interested in learning more about our affiliate program, head over to our vanity number site at

How it works

The number widget is an easy to use marketing tool for your website which provides the numbers your customers are looking for right away. A customer enters a word or phrase on a customized widget from your web site, which launches a search of Primary Wave Media’s database of numbers containing that word or phrase.

Each widget can be customized to fit your website and company design. You will receive your own landing page so that any sales that you generate can easily be tracked back to you.