Go Mobile With A Traditional 1-800 Number!

Looking for a new way to engage with your mobile audience?

Introducing Primary Wave Media’s Intelligent Number, the only company in the country with 1-800 numbers that send web pages, coupons, sweepstakes, mobile apps, promotions, surveys and more to your clients cell phone.

“Telephone numbers are the new standard for consumer mobile entry, replacing short codes and QR codes.” This according to Gregg Hamerschlag, CEO of Primary Wave Media, the New York based telecommunications firm launching this new technology.

“The value proposition to companies looking to improve their digital/mobile communications strategies is definitely there…” says Dan Pereira, Director, Insights & Optimization, JWT/Atlanta.

Get Results

Are your clients frustrated with hard-to-remember short codes with limited options or QR campaigns that deliver no results? A recent study revealed that only 11% of consumers know how to use a QR code and only a portion of consumers are texting to short codes.

Now there is an effective alternative to get the job done – the Intelligent Phone Number. As easily recognizable and brand-able as a URL, Intelligent Phone Numbers offer a new mobile platform that has the flexibility to deliver SMS messages, audio communications/IVR, web links and more, all through a traditional vanity toll free number!

Improving on the Toll Free Number

With the familiarity of a vanity toll free number, Intelligent Numbers present incoming callers with a customizable interactive voice options menu that allows callers to voluntarily “opt-in” to receive SMS short code messages. Messages that are delivered to the caller’s handheld device via SMS, MMS, web or voicemail, are received before the call has ended and can include a brand’s web page, coupon or mobile app, the opportunity to enter a promotion code or be added to a company mailing list for special offers or product updates.



Send your callers your website and information at the push of a button.


Increase sales by sending your callers coupons to save!


Send your callers your newest T.V. ad or any of your videos.


Have your callers download your app right when they hang up.


Don’t waste time giving some directions. Send them right to their phone!


Reduce call center load by offering your callers to check the status of their order right on their phone.